Glory Nelson

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Glory Nelson is an inspired individual who loves to assist her clients in rediscovering their life’s purpose.
She facilitates dream circles and helps those who desire to unfold the deeper meaning in their everyday lives. Glory is currently teaching classes like Tarot 101 and Advanced Dreaming. She believes that when you combine different spiritual tools with a passion for life, we can all live a magical inspired life!

Glory is a dream and synchronicity analyst, life coach, writer, artist, energy touch worker, spiritual coach, psychic/medium, photographer, and singer. She is a member of IASD, and the Jung Society of Utah. Glory is a facilitator of the Wild Women Symposium.

Co-Founder of AwakeNDream, she resides with her husband and children in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Glory Nelson, Dream and Life Coach, B.Msc



I am so grateful to have been introduced to Glory. I was having a tough time with a very important transition in my life and needed someone that could shed some light on the situation. Talking with Glory was such an amazing experience for me. She was able to help me see the message that freed me from years of hurt, resentment and anger. I was able to embrace forgiveness and be able to move forward in my life with love in my heart. Thank you Glory! – Nichole G. Salt Lake City, UT

I was so excited to win! It was a wonderful session. Glory is very intuitive, kind and compassionate. I will see where the next few months lead me with my work in the world. Thanks again. – Billie Ortiz, Certified Dream Worker, Lafayette, CO

I met Glory from a Tarot class she was teaching.  I’m so glad I found her.  She has a beautiful white glow, very positive energy, and has helped me see things in a new perspective.  She is very knowledgeable about the tarot cards.  She has helped me become more intuitive.  She taught me to feel the cards and to see things I have never seen in reading cards.  I’m an expert in pushing away my pain.  These cards helped me face my pain and see things in a new positive way.  She is helping me read other peoples cards, which I never felt comfortable in doing.  My energy level was very low before this class and I had no energy to do anything.  This class has uplifted my energy and it so nice to feel the wonderful energy in her class.  In fact, I think I’m addicted to the energy and Glory has helped me stay grounded.  She is an excellent guide and is always there for me through my struggles with the cards.  She has helped me open up my eyes (third eye) to a whole new world.  If you want to learn the tarot cards in a very positive high-energy class Glory is the person for you. – Jill G. Riverton, Utah

Glory has this extraordinary ability to bring balance and tranquility in the lives that she touches. Her insights bring a whole new meaning to dream interpretations. During one of her dream conference calls, I was having such a difficult time writing. After the call, I felt as if a dark cloud was lifted off of my conscience. I was able to write seven chapters of my manuscript in one sitting! Not only is Glory awesome at Dream work, She’s incredible with tarot cards. Her readings have always been such a delicious treat! Her energy is so full of light and love. You can’t help but feel empowered by this beautiful human being. She doesn’t leave any questions unanswered. She has given me the tools I need to remove the obstacles in my life and has shown me how to welcome the positive things I so deserve. She is the most professional, compassionate and trust worthy person I’ve had the pleasure to work with. – Esmeralda H. New York City

Glory is the first person I call when I need to make sense of a dream. She is incredibly insightful and has helped me see the meaning in many of my mixed up dreams. I have also had a few amazing sessions with her in Tarot. Glory’s ability, to read and interpret the symbols in the cards drawn, has led me to greater understanding of my life and the issues I need to pay attention to. Glory Rocks!! Thanks for everything . – Sariah E. Pagosa Springs, CO

I loved working with Glory on one of my Dreams. I was going through so much turmoil and grief over the passing of my father and she helped me so much in a dream session. I was able to accept what had happened and move on. You will definitely be happy when you do it too. Thank you Glory!!! – Arik E. St. Lucie, FL