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Sherry Puricelli

Sherry Puricelli, MHA, M.Div.
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Sherry Puricelli, MHA., M.Div., is an author, poet, spiritual advisor, visionary Dream Coach,  and owner of AwakeNDream, a Connecticut-based organization dedicated to nurturing Body, Mind, and Spirit. 
She leads retreats, classes, workshops, and individual sessions combining coaching with intuition and synchronicity, along with dreamwork, embodiment, and ceremony.

Dreamwork: I will assist you with all types of dreams: dreams you have at night during sleep, waking dreams such as synchronicities, serendipities, and imagination, and last but not least, dream-inspired aspirations, passions, and life purpose. I have discovered that ALL types of dreams are connected! I bring more than 20 years of dreamwork experience to the table. I also co-developed Transformation Dreaming™, a technique and empowerment program using synchronicity, dreams, embodiment, coaching, and ceremony to help you create the changes you want in life and in yourself.

Spiritual Guidance: You will be encouraged to discover your own way of connecting and living in harmony with your spiritual center, all while you’re leading your busy life. I’ll help you identify ways to maintain your inner peace and spiritual wellbeing. By combining inner exploration with the outer journey, I will challenge you to experience your authentic, soul-level, inspired state of being.

Coaching: I appreciate the partnership coaching provides. You will be encouraged, inspired, and empowered to create the life you’ve always dreamed of living. If you would like, we will use various divination tools. I developed the IDEAL™ Transformation Program, a comprehensive self-coaching program utilizing proven “right-brain” techniques. It was inspired through my own personal journey and my desire to help you identify and easily remove obstacles. Coaching is available by phone, in person, Skype, or in combination.

Sherry’s credentials include Master of Health Administration and Master of Divinity degrees. She’s a Graduate of Coach U, Reiki II Certified in the Usui System of Natural Healing, and she’s a Regional Representative for the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

Regional and International Dream Conferences: 

2015 IASD Conference, Virginia Beach, VA – “Intra-Group Dreaming” – Panel Presentation, Group Dreaming: A Force for Good, with Laurel Clark, Jean Campbell, Tzivia Gover, and Joy Fathom

2015 IASD Conference, Virginia Beach, VA – “Journaling for Psi: What I Learned in Science Class” – Panel Presentation, Psi Learned from Journaling, with Janet McCall, Cynthia Pearson, Gloria Sturzenacker, and Robert Waggoner

2014 IASD PsiberDreaming Conference – “I Dreamt Something Awful About You: Should I Say Something?”

2014 IASD Annual Conference, Berkeley, California –  ”Shared Dreams, Art, and Poetry: Gateways to Personal Alchemy and Human Evolution,” with Brenda Ferrimani

2013 Waking the Dreamer Within Festival, Longmont, Colorado, Embody Your Inner Adventurer: Journey into Tarot and Dreams, with Brenda Ferrimani

2011 IASD PsiberDreaming Conference
 – Spirit of the Abbey, with Laura Atkinson, Rita Dwyer, Deborah Coupey, and Brenda Ferrimani.

Writing and poetry:

Dream Network Journal, 2014, Spring Edition, Article and poetry:
Article Co-author – Journey of Mystic Illumination,
Poetry – The Truth

Dream Network Journal, 2012, Spring Edition, The Spirit of the Abbey, Co-author

Author, Wake Up: Cultivating a Dreamer’s State of Mind, E-Book, 2011

Thesis for Master of Divinity, M.Div., 2009  A Modern Mystic’s Guide for Using Synchronicity as a Practical Spiritual Tool

Author, Earth’s Tiny Star, “A timeless allegorical tale about conformity, remembering who you are, and finding love,”  2009

Additional poetry and blog articles can be found at:

 Interviews – Television/Radio/Internet/Video:

IASD Interviews, Video Interview in Berkeley, California by Maria Cernutu for DreamsCloud, June 2012

Your Dreams – How They Can Help You Understand Yourself and Ultimately Move You to Action. Interviewed by Dana Hilmer with LifestyleMom Radio Café for LA Talk Radio, 2011

Dreams – Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask, Interviewed by Debra Levi with WYBCX Yale Radio, Get With the Program, 2011 with segment for listener call-ins.

Dreams and Meaning – Interviewed by Susan Morgan for Mystic Dream Show on Comcast Cable Television, 2009

Previous Public Speaking Engagements:

Dreams for Better Health, Madison Challenge, Madison, CT, 2011

Transform! IDEAL You! IDEAL Life! New Life Expo, NYC, NY, March 27, 2010

Demystify the Pattern in Consciousness, New Life Expo, NYC, NY, March 28, 2010

Transform! IDEAL You! IDEAL Life! Wellness Day, N. Andover, MA, March 6, 2010

Goal Setting Tips and Practice, Madison Challenge, Madison, CT, February 10, 2010

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