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Dreams that Turned Out to be True

by Sherry Puricelli, Dream Coach, Connecticut.

Have you ever had a troubling dream that turned out to be true? Almost two decades ago, I had two dreams that would change my life forever. At first I was overwhelmed. How could this be?

In the first dream I am playing in nature, in a park-like setting, literally rolling in the grass, laughing with my high school friend. At the time of the dream I had moved far away from my hometown. In the dream, after rolling in the grass, my friend stands up, brushes off any debris and then walks ahead of me toward a small wooden bridge arching over a running brook. He begins walking across and I continue walking behind him until he turns around slowly, facing me. He shakes his head, no, as he extends his hand, palm facing me, signaling stop! While doing so, he says, “It’s not your time.” Immediately, I grasp his meaning and I awaken with a start!

I woke up with a foreboding sick-feeling in my stomach. I tried to shake it off but the dream haunted me. Within a few weeks my mother phoned me. She told me that my friend had passed. He’d died of complications from HIV/AIDS but I’d been away from my hometown for so long that I hadn’t even known my friend had been ill.

A year later, I experienced another troubling dream. In this dream, I’m in a park-like setting where I’m playing in nature with my high school friend, the same one who had passed, and another friend from high school. We’re all laughing together and then the two friends stand up and begin walking away from me. They approach, and then begin walking across a long bridge. As I’m walking behind them, they both turn at the same time to face me. They don’t have to do or say anything. In that moment, I know. Another friend from high school has just died. He came to me with the other friend, I’m assuming, to tell me goodbye, letting me know he had crossed over to the other side. Shortly afterwards I received another expectant call from my mother. She confirmed that my friend had died.

After these predictive (or psi) dreams, I could never look at dreams the same. Although many dreams are what I call “self-help” dreams in metaphor, some dreams seem to have another component altogether. They seem to know things I would not have any way of knowing in waking life. They seem to bridge the known and the unknown. Psi is derived from the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. Psi represents something that is not explained by known physical and biological means.

Are you interested in psi or predictive dreams? If so, you’re invited to join me at the IASD PsiberDreaming Conference, online September 28th through October 12th, 2014, where I’ll be sharing my presentation entitled, “I Dreamt Something Awful About You: Should I Say Something?” which I will be presenting on Thursday, October 9th.

By the way, if you’re not a member of IASD and you’re thinking of joining, this is the perfect time! Between August 1st and October 12, if you join IASD you get to attend the PsiberDreaming Conference for no additional charge!

 In addition, we’ll be discussing psi dreams here, on our website. Join us!

To get started, let’s visit some examples of psi dreams by guest author and dreamer, Maria Carla Cernuto:

Why Do I Write What I Write? by Sherry Puricelli

Buddha_Tea_GardenRecently, author and blogger, Tzivia Gover, invited me to join her in a blog tour that highlights authors who write about intuitive understanding.
I first “met” Tzivia when we both led online group dream-sharing initiatives. At the time, my group dreamt with intentions for personal healing on the full moon, while Tzivia’s group dreamt with intentions for world healing on the new moon. I was hooked! Who was this amazing woman? What could I learn from her? Well, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’d be learning a lot — and I’m learning still… Tzivia is the real deal! She LIVES her work! That means she LIVES mindfulness, she LIVES dreams, she LIVES poetry, she LIVES teaching, compassion, and life-long learning and she writes about it.
I encourage you to visit her blog where she shares tips for working with dreams as well as her own personal insights and deep insights. To learn more about Tzivia and her work visit her web site at and her blog at

For this blog tour I was asked to answer four questions about my writing. Here are my responses:

1. What am I working on now?

I typically work on several projects at the same time. Currently, in addition to my blogs, and, you’re likely to find me writing: “Mystic Illumination” or “I Dreamt Something Awful About You: Should I Say Something?”

Mystic Illumination Series: The Initiate, The Apprentice, and The Master – was inspired by dreams and waking life experiences. It’s a mystical journey that takes us deep into archetypal, life-changing themes. Like ancient stories of legend and myth, I’ve noticed that each of the themes has a challenge, a solution, and some type of ‘embedded change-energy’ that completely transforms the participant(s). Part of this journey was shared with friend and dream artist, Brenda Ferrimani. While experiencing the archetypal themes, Brenda created twelve artistic renderings and I wrote poetry and commentary.
It was never my intention to create a traditional tarot deck for conventional readings. Instead, Mystic Illumination invites you to experience archetypal energies as you’ve never experienced them before! Treat yourself by fully immersing yourself and you can experience the archetypes slowly, on a deep, meaningful level so you can make the changes you’re ready to make in your life.
By the way, Mystic Illumination: The Initiate – is now available for purchase! Browse the website if you want to learn more:

“I Dreamt Something Awful About You: Should I Say Something?” – is a presentation I’m writing for the 2014 PsiberDreaming Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).
It was inspired when I had a warning dream that my friend was in danger. A few weeks later, that friend died. As you can imagine, I was quite upset! I had not given my friend the information from the dream and I wondered if her life could have been saved “if only.” In the past I’ve had warning dreams that turned out to be true. Some people who have these types of dreams can suffer from a condition that, in the dream community, is known as “dreamer’s guilt.”
In this presentation, I will share my story as well as a few stories from other dreamers who have also faced similar dilemmas such as: ‘should I tell?’ ‘How much should I tell?’ ‘What if I frighten someone?’ ‘How much is enough?’ ‘How much is too much?’ and so on……
I hope you’ll join us for this discussion and share your own stories, insights, and reflections. The Psiberdreaming Conference, aptly titled, “Dreaming with the Other,” will be taking place from September 28th until October 12th. You can get more information and register here:

My Blogs: I also write for two blogs,; where you’ll find updates to my Mystic Illumination project, and which I co-blog with Glory Nelson. We typically blog about our spiritual retreats, our unique way of working with synchronicities, and, of course, all about dreams.

2. How does my writing process work?

Well, that actually depends upon WHAT I’m writing. My blogs are frequently inspired by the archetypal patterns I’m noticing in my dreams and waking life experiences. My poetry, on the other hand, usually begins as a rhythm or phrase that just comes to me, sometimes in my sleep. It typically repeats until I finally write it down to give it a place to rest!

 3. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I’ve been told that I have a unique approach, especially with the way I weave together my dreams and waking life synchronicities. While some see them as separate practices, I see all of it as one big life dream! As such, I recognize my deeper patterns and rhythms, using them to live the deeper story, the big dream, so to speak.
I call myself a modern-day mystic. I’m a mom, neighbor, and girlfriend, with all their ups and downs, in addition to being a life-long dreamer with a quest for wisdom and a search for deeper truths. My writing, I believe, is a reflection of my personal way of seeing the world. To all the other down-to-earth dreamers out there, I hope to be relatable, bringing spirituality to everyday life.

4. Why do I write what I do?

I feel “called” to write. It’s my way of sharing, of relating. I believe we’re only here on Earth for a brief moment in time. During that time, I hope to inspire and to be inspired.

Thank you so much for reading this.  And now I’m delighted to introduce the authors and bloggers who will continue the blog tour the next weeks with posts about their own fascinating work.  If you don’t already know them, you’ll want to check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

IMG_4640Glory Nelson is continuing the blog tour next week. She is a Dream Coach, Psychic, Energy Worker, Writer, Artist and the ownerof Utah-based AwakeNDream Coaching Services. She has a unique way of combining dreamwork, tarot and synchronicity to help individuals and groups deepen their connection to their Higher Self so they can live a more purposeful life, solve problems and heal. She leads Spiritual Retreats, Classes and Dream Circles. Read about her experiences and insights on and
Linda PDCLinda Mastrangelo, MA will join the blog tour during the week of July 22nd. She is an educator, writer and artist with a private practice in the San Francisco Bay area as an MFT intern specializing in dreams and grief. Through her own personal practices, she discovered the remarkable potential of dreams as well as the dream’s transformative possibilities as “good medicine.” In 2009, she created the Examiner’s first dream column and is a contributing writer for The Dream Tribe. Her articles and artwork have been included in The Lucid Dream Exchange, Dream Network Journal, All Things Healing and DreamTime Magazine and she is the Editor of Dream News. Linda is also adjunct faculty in Psychology and has facilitated trainings and workshops, including hospice and other healing institutions. Linda sits on the board of directors at IASD and is a member of CAMFT. For more information, please visit her website at or check out her articles and blogs at and