Intro to Numerology

Quick guide to Numerology!

Find your Life Path number by adding all the numbers of your date of birth.

EX.  Julie’s birthday is January 3rd, 1965 = 1+3+1+9+6+5= 25, then 2+5=7

Your Life Path number would be 7

The Universal Year for 2019 is  3  (2+0+1+9=3)

Find your personal Year by adding your month+ day+ the current year.

So, using the above example… Again 1+3+2+0+1+9=16, then 1+6=7

Your Personal Year would be 7

Numerologist believe that each number has a certain vibration. Our Life Path number relates to the vibration we use in this lifetime to navigate through life. It gives us a great indication of what our strengths are for work and to live a healthy lifestyle.  Every Year has its own vibration, its own energy and we call that the Universal Year. This energy number is what the planet and those who inhabit it will be dealing with. Your Personal year will help you realize what vibration you will be working in this year. So, for ex. Julie’s personal years 7. She will be working with the energy of going within, meditation, tapping into her intuition.

Number Meanings

0 – The infinite number, the zero has no end and no beginning. It is associated with the divine. And when it shows up

with another number it is amplified. Ex. 30 It’s a 3 amplified by the Divine!

1- A new beginning, a new IDEA, birth, planting the seed, inspired thought. Assertive, leadership, pioneer, originality, independent

2 – Balance or choice, union, weighing your options, duality, ying and yang, gathering information. Sensitive, details, supportive, diplomatic

3 – creativity, the idea is being created, pregnant with life, Mother Nature, ready to give birth.  Love, beauty, artistic, communication, social, joy

4 – Structure, planning, foundation, 4 corners, the idea is born into the material world – practical, organizer, hard worker, responsible

5 – change and transformation, freedom, flexibility, traveling, movement, flow

6 – charity, giving and receiving, ebb and flow, giving from the heart, truth, kind, emotional

7 – meditation, introspection, searching for spiritual truths, solitude, intuitive

8 – manifestation, seeing the bigger picture, as above so below, extrovert,

9 – humanitarian, brotherly love, universal love, completion of a cycle.

10 – The on IDEA amplified by the Divine.