How to Dream the Best Possible Dream — & My Surprise

I had thought it would be different. I’d believed my dream would be more grandiose. I’d carefully selected the inspirational phrases. I’d cut out photos of tropical paradises, lounge chairs, and escapades to exotic places. I had poetry, amazing yoga poses, fruitful opportunities and more, all sitting there, awaiting their turn, hoping for their own space in my world. You see, I was going to create my “dream board.” Creating my dream board is an endeavor that I undertake on a yearly basis. To create my dream board, I attempt to dream the best possible dream for myself, what I’d most like to experience in the year to come. I contemplate, dream, and imagine. Then I place the most exquisite words and the very best images onto my dream board collage where I can see it every day.

It’s interesting what happens when you allow yourself only one small poster board measuring 11 inches by 14 inches upon which you can place your most important dreams, the very best of all possible dreams, in every single aspect of your life. You might be surprised. Somehow, it brings your subconscious wishes into crystal-clear focus! Furthermore, it forces you to prioritize!! You’ll discover that only your deepest yearnings will find their space on your board.

I’ve found that my dream board has much more to show than what is on the surface. I view the images and phrases as if they were in a dream, you know, like the ones you have at night. When I do this, I look for double-meanings and repetitive themes. For instance, I could have selected an image of a jewel -encrusted watch. While it may have represented financial abundance, on a deeper level I’d ask myself about the value of my time. Likewise, if I have several images of hammocks, lounge-chairs, and such, I’d ask myself about my desire to relax and take a rest.

Dream Boards are journeys into our hearts and minds. I’m never disappointed when I take the opportunity to learn a little more about myself. In addition, they frequently provide the extra spark I need to take action, leading me to fulfillment of those dreams.

By the way, want to guess what ended up on my board this year– out of all the possibilities, out of all of the inspirational words and mesmerizing images? Well, imagine my surprise when I saw my very own work, the work I do in my profession, in service to others – that’s ALSO what I wanted most for myself! I wanted a retreat, and not just any retreat, but my very own customized Sherry Puricelli retreat!

I facilitate and participate in retreats. However, these retreats are not just your typical rest and rejuvenate, pamper yourself retreats, although that is a small part. Call me biased, but my retreats are so much more! My business partner, Glory Nelson and I describe our retreats as “Girlfriend Retreats with a Spiritual Twist.” Our retreats are enchanted, sacred, and mystical!! They seem to take on a life of their own! I’ve often told people that we need cameras following us because people simply wouldn’t believe the magic that takes place and how life-changing and transformative our retreats are. People say they are literally different people leaving the retreats than they were when they entered. Years later, people contact us, telling us how their lives are still improving, which they attribute to their time retreating with us. I personally believe there’s something larger at play, like the Universe pulling strings, bringing together just the thing that I need at that particular time in my life. It’s as if the stars suddenly align. Challenges seem to dissipate, obstacles disappear, hurdles feel like miniatures and I feel unstoppable!

So, what’s in store for me this year? Retreats! I’m going to treat myself to the beautiful opportunity that I offer to others. After all, it IS my greatest dream, I already know what is entailed, and I owe it to myself. I’ll be sure to write about it and maybe even share some videos afterwards. Yay me! Stay tuned. Sharing links below to some of our previous retreats.

I’m so grateful for the dream board process and I’m grateful for my work with retreats. If you’re interested in learning more or if you’d like to participate in your own retreat, send me a private e-mail message at awakendream at We’ll see what we can dream up.

Yours truly,

Sherry Puricelli, MHA, M.Div
Retreat Facilitator, Dream Coach

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By the way, some of the images are from our actual retreats. Can you guess which ones?