Synchronicity – You can’t make this stuff up!

Yesterday morning, I dropped my daughter, Sky off at the airport. She was headed to Georgia to spend time with her best friend who moved there two months ago. My daughter is only 16 and this was her first time traveling completely alone. She had some anxiety but I knew she would be fine. I left her at the security line and went to the parking lot. Knowing my child I knew she needed some extra comfort. I jumped in my car and before starting it I said my prayers. I prayed for a safe flight, asking the angels to be with her and the flight crew etc… I finished off my prayer by asking my step dad Hector, who passed away a few years ago, to look out for her. To calm her down and be with her on this flight. I took a deep breath and now this mom felt a whole lot better. I started my vehicle and proceeded to exit the parking lot. I approached the ticket area where I would have to pay for parking. I fed my ticket into the machine and it takes it then spits it out, takes it again then spits it out. There is no one at the booth, so I pressed the button for assistance. The voice on the other end told me to back up slowly and go to the cash line and he would be happy to take my payment. I do as he says and the guy takes my ticket. He tries to feed the ticket into his machine, and it spits it out. He says, “That’s weird.” He excuses himself and asks a co-worker how to punch in the information manually. I am waiting and noticed there is a name plate outside the small window. It reads… Hector, huh? Really? I am stunned, excited and a bit emotional. Hector comes back to the window takes my credit card, I looked at the badge he was wearing, sure enough it read Hector. I smile a knowing smile to myself. His co-worker peeks through the window and explains that sometimes the black strip on the ticket gets demagnetized but it usually happens if it’s been in a wallet for several days. I think to myself, nice try, I know the real reason I was supposed to come to this window. It was to get confirmation that Hector, my stepdad, heard my prayers and he was on the case. I thanked the Hector in front of me, using his name and drove away. I had tears streaming down my face, as I said out loud, Thank you Daddy!

Hector and Sky

I am so grateful that I have learned to pay attention to synchronicity. I am grateful for the power of prayer. I am grateful to have such an amazing connection to those who have passed on and still look out for me. I am grateful for all those who play a part in my magical and purposeful life. Have you asked for tiny miracles? Have you asked the Universe to show you signs? I hope you do! It is truly magical and I am grateful to be sharing it with you.

Glory Nelson
Life and Dream Coach