Dreaming the Future

Thank you for joining our discussion regarding precognitive dreams. We’re thrilled to be sharing an article written by guest author and dreamer, Maria Carla Cernuto.

Understanding Precognitive Dreams
Can They Really Tell the Future?

Approximately 40% of psychic experiences are concerned with “knowing” the future in some way, and dreams are the most common channel for precognition to happen. Precognitive dreams are ones in which a dreamer receives information regarding the future, and later on, this information turns out to be accurate. Many traditional societies take precognitive dreams seriously; most modern societies do not place much importance on dreams in general, let alone value them for imparting actual future knowledge.

A number of significant historical figures have had precognitive dreams regarding their own personal destinies. For example, it was reported that Abraham Lincoln told a small group of people that he dreamt of seeing his own dead body laid out in a coffin two weeks before his assassination. In his dream, he walked into the East Room of the White House to find a covered corpse secured by soldiers, and surrounded by mourners. Lincoln asked one of the guards, “who died?” The soldier replied, “the president. He was killed by an assassin.”

My own dreams have provided knowledge of future events as well. In keeping dream journals for many years I have been able to recognize when my dreams are revealing waking life emergency situations. During a dream, if I say, “call 911” or “get an ambulance,” a waking life emergency with similar elements to my dream occurs. This pattern began to emerge several months prior to the attack on New York City’s World Trade Center. One dream in particular, February 13, 2001, really depicted the attack, but not literally; in it I dreamt, “I am watching from an overview – 2 young males are left in a white convertible car with the key still in the ignition and the car running. They are ‘juvenile delinquents,’ and their case worker goes inside to plea bargain on their behalf. They drove a stolen car into the support column of a ‘government building’—I am now inside running and these Middle Eastern males are chasing me – the place was on fire some people were injured, others killed. I run passed desks, and then thru a floor that looks like a bank. I am yelling ‘call 911!’” It is very rare, even since this event that I dream of Middle Eastern people.

I had several dreams over a 6 month period predicting my father’s passing. In one dream account I wrote
“When I got there I was going to call an ambulance, but the woman had called them when I left and gave 911 / the emergency call center my cell number, and they called me. They asked what was wrong and if they needed to dispatch an ambulance. I see dad, prone on the floor. I wonder if his back went out or if it was his heart or something.” I dreamed this January 18, 2013, my dad died July 9, 2013 in the following way: seizure, stroke, and what finally killed him, a heart attack.

Precognitive dreams do not only predict dreadful events. Time magazine profiled a psychic dream in their December 2005 issue, a Pakistani migrant named Ihsanullah Khan, dreamed that he saw the numbers 2,4,6,17,25 and 31 appear in a
//www.examiner.com/topic/dreams">dream; he played those numbers and won a $55 million lottery jackpot, however it took him 15 years of playing this combination of dreamed numbers until he won. This lottery winner paid attention to his dreams in a serious way because dreams are valued far more in his culture than in the Western world.

A less dramatic example of a positive precognitive dream comes from my own journal, and presaged an act of forgiveness between myself and a former friend with whom I had had a falling out; we had not spoken to one another in 4 years. I dreamed, “…DD comes over – not sure if it was because she knew I was there, or another reason, and I just so happened to be there. She is emotional / crying about not seeing me all these years. I embrace her and tell her its okay – like everything is cool between us and I will be friendly again.” Exactly 4 weeks later I ran into DD at a wake for a mutual friend; I approached her and when she saw me she fell into my arms sobbing, both of us expressing words of forgiveness. Thus the title of my dream, Freed by a Forgiving Hug, as this precognitive dream foretold she and I would make amends; it was truly healing for both of us.

Pay close attention to your dreams by journaling them, honor even the fragments, watching for possible patterns emerging, which may reveal precognitive messages similar to my “911” dreams. Perhaps you will be as lucky as one dreamer who told me they knew when they were receiving precognitive information because a dream character’s eyes unnaturally glowed when they communicated knowledge about the future.