Interview with Dreamer, Maria Carla Cernuto

Thank you for joining our ongoing discussion related to precognitive dreamer. We’re happy to be interviewing dreamer, Maria Carla Cernuto.

What is your philosophy regarding precognitive dreaming?

Maria’s response

Since childhood parapsychology and occult subjects were typical dinner conversation in my maternal grandmother’s home. I use to tell her about my dreams, out of body experiences, and ghost sightings; and she would hold séances with me and let me borrow her curious books about astrology, numerology, astral projection, telepathy, etc. Precognitive dreams and other psi experiences were often revealed as such in “hindsight,” meaning only after the event or situation happened did I realize I was receiving psychic information. When I was around eighteen years old I sought out spiritual teachers to help me develop my psi abilities, and I began to keep a dream journal.

Over the years I have looked for patterns to emerge that would reveal “foresight,” meaning a sign or symbol, which would let me know to pay attention to this information because it relates to some future event or situation. I have since discovered if I say, “Call 911” or “Get an ambulance,” in a dream some waking life emergency with similar elements to my dream occurs, however not all of my precognitive dreams depict an “emergency” situation. A member from IASD’s Psi Dreaming Yahoo Group once wrote they knew when they were receiving precognitive information because their dream characters’ eyes unnaturally glowed when they communicated knowledge about the future. I have thought about this dreamer’s special gift quite frequently, and I am confident a symbol or signal can be programmed to appear in dreams with precognitive content, much the way dreamsigns and reality checks are employed to incubate lucid dreams.

At times I have shared dreams which I suspected to hold precognitive information, sometimes it was met with opposition, other times derision; occasionally, I have wrestled with whether to tell the person about the dream or not, particularly with dreams that have a negative theme, being concerned I might frighten someone unnecessarily if I was mistaken. I have even struggled with relaying an assumed psi dream to my own cousin who even insisted, “If you ever dream about me I want to know about it,” because it was so horrible; the dream not only contained precognitive content, but if you ask he and his wife, it was a lifesaver. I believe if we were a culture that honored dreams, we would share our own dreams unreservedly without any apprehension over the way they would be received.