More Precognitive Dreams

We’re excited to continue our discussion regarding precognitive and psi dreams. Here are examples by guest author and dreamer, Maria Carla Cernuto

Torn Between Two Loves

[…] I told him he had to stop the connection with “N” if this relationship was to succeed. [he was seeing a blue eyed twenty-something year old.] I say, “having pictures of you ex girlfriends lying around is upsetting her… most women wouldn’t like it.” He said, “N isn’t my ex, she’s family!” […]

“D” emailed me six days after this dream. At the time he lived in Europe; consequently, we did not communicate as much, and he tells me he had been seeing someone (in her twenties with blue eyes) during his travels for work, and she was pregnant. He had been traveling back and forth for months, and the new girlfriend was becoming more hostile about the fact that he was still married and living in the same house as his wife, even though they were sleeping apart. He neither desired to have, nor had children up to this point (in his early forties); there was something about the word “family” that struck me when I recorded the dream and I think this is what the dream was indicating. He is now married to her and they are raising two daughters.


Beautiful Liar

Recall someone telling me “R” really had a wife. I was like, “Ha! I knew it.” EOD

“R” was a guy I met at the gym who was flirting with me, and I was also attracted to him. When we were getting to know each other during our workouts he asked me if I was married and I said, no. I asked him if he was married; he said, no, and told me he still lived with his family. Soon after this dream his “wife” had a baby, and in his excitement to tell everyone he had a son, he “outed” himself. Oh, the conversation we had after his big announcement… I bet he will think twice before he tries to, as he said to me, “take it to the side.”


Wrongful Charges to Old Phone Number

[…] I went back to D’s. Her eldest son and his wife and daughter were there – he and his wife were sick, especially her (flu-like symptoms) – she was lying in a beach type chair. I said “Are going to be alright?” She said “Yeah, I just can’t drive home now.” They had gone to D’s in 2 cars, she told her husband to take J [their daughter] home. She seemed really out of it – feverish. She said “A friend could drive him back later and then he could drive her home in her car.”[…]

When I awoke I had the feeling something was wrong between this couple, so I called “D” to ask how her son and daughter-in-law were doing that I had a bad feeling about their relationship. She said everything was great, she had recently seen them, and we would see them tomorrow night. The next day “D” called me to tell me my dream was precognitive that her daughter-in-law called her, “sickened,” because her husband left her. I said, “I think they will get back together because in my dream she says, ‘I can’t drive home NOW,’ and there was mention of seeing him ‘LATER.’”I felt this could mean there would be a homecoming after some time. After many months of separation they went to counseling and worked out their problems; it was almost one year later, but he returned to their home and they are still together over two years later (married thirteen years total).



In Germany with G Staying in a Haunted Room

I’m in Germany, staying at D and N’s house, but it’s much bigger than in WPR. “G” was with me. He was acting all mopey and looked sad. I asked him, “What’s the matter?” He said he missed his family. I’m like G, it’s only been 2 days. I said, “Let’s give them a call”. He said, “I did, but they weren’t home – I left a message, but he didn’t care to call me back”. I said, “Well let’s just call again”. He said, “no, I’m supposed to be learning how to be away from my parents.” […]

About two days later I told this dream to “G’s” grandmother (my Aunt) and she laughed saying, “he wanted to go to Disney for the weekend with a friend and his family, but ‘L’ [G’s father] said no because he didn’t want to have to drive four hours to pick him up when he missed being home.” I did not know my second cousin was having separation anxiety being away from his parents overnight, or that he was even asking to go away for the weekend.


Reporters and Cable Cars Near Mount Etna

I was a male dating a female air traffic controller. There were several different reporters covering the same incident, but each had a different view and each of them was trying to convince the public (the world) to listen / believe them. All of the reporters were working hard to gain the confidence of the public so their view / version of what happened would be held to be true.

Recall something about cable cars near Mount Etna in Sicily. EOD

Five days following this dream Mount Etna erupted.


Bad Feeling about C Loaning Money

I am wandering around a store a lot. I am talking to “C” about loaning someone money. She said, “No, I’m not going to loan so & so money”. I said, “Ok good…I just got a bad feeling about it”. Later on I found out that she really did and I think, “She doesn’t listen”. It turns out to be some kind of problem. EOD

I mention this dream to “C” and she tells me she has been loaning her brother money on and off for almost a year, but nothing bad has happened, he’s paid her back. Years pass and she keeps loaning him money periodically; it recently became a problem as she had to tell her brother and his wife that she could no longer continue to do so and this caused a rift between she and her sister-in-law, and her brother and his wife are discussing divorce (after twenty-eight years of marriage) because his wife refuses to get a job and help out with the family bills.




Knot Magic in Canada

[…] I flew to Canada to drive to Kissimmee – like it was easier / faster.

Now I’m in the hotel’s restaurant / bar area with “N” showing him how to do “knot magic” with a silky, thick, long, red rope. I’m telling him what reasons you could use this type of magic for
you could bind someone’s tongue if they’re gossiping about you, or slandering you – best to do it with purpose and will – even better if you have a picture of the person to focus on while doing it – create a sacred space to do this in. I told him he could use it for protection or for something you want. People were staring at me like afraid of witchcraft. They were half listening as they passed by. EOD

I relayed the dream to “N” and he told me the company he worked for was bought by Canadians and he was having problems with his boss as she was lying about him to cover for her own mistakes. He asked if I could do magic to protect him; I told him I could, and I would. Several months later she was exposed for lying and making the errors she was blaming him for, and he was eventually promoted / relocated to northern Florida (i.e. Kissimmee reference), and given a raise.


Screenplay Sold

I am laying on my back in bed – “G” was on top of me – we were kissing and he had on a baseball cap. He looked me in the eye and smiled saying “I sold a screenplay.” He had made some contact while I was gone (WPR was in FL from 10/16 – 10/28 – drove back to LA 10/28-10/31). EOD

One week after this dream, and five days after my return to Los Angeles, “G” received a phone call regarding transforming a manuscript into a screenplay and was paid quite well for the job.


Twisted Snakes Bite

There were 3 snakes slithering together across the lawn – twisted / almost braided – forming 1 body with 3 heads – they were all mostly black, but each had an accent color running thru the black
1 turquoise-blue, 1 red, and 1 yellow – the 3 primary colors / the colors were shimmery.

It bit, at 1st dad, and then it seemed like uncle L – it was poisonous / venomous – it kept vacillating from dad to uncle L. I was telling someone about the dream. I said “what does the snake represent? Does it have to do with them, or just a type of warning?” As I am telling them about this dream I am saying I thought it could be a warning for someone else’s father. “C” is in the dream – something to do with a school… some stuff going on with a University.

I awoke and then went back into the dream discussing the symbolism of snakes with a nondescript dream character. We observed the dream as one would a sports replay, like they do during televised athletic events, reviewing the repeated Twisted Snakes Bite scene on a large flat screen, carrying on in a sort of sports announcers’ style commentary. Several weeks following this dream my uncle was rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack, where he flat lined, but was revived; another few weeks passes by, and my father, who had the heart attack ten years prior to my uncle (i.e. bit dad first), died from this second, more powerful heart attack. The significance of “C’s” appearance in the dream is striking, for he was close to my father’s age, had departed two years earlier within the same month, and died in the same exact way while asleep
seizure, stroke, heart attack.


Our Father

An IASD male figurehead died – a big influential person to IASD’s development. Several of us went to the funeral parlor to view his body before the wake – like a family would do to make sure he looked presentable before services. Recall Laurel Clark being among the group of us that went. His biological family / children were there too. They were annoyed we were there “as his children.” It seemed we were in charge of making arrangements instead of them, and this was part of their annoyance. We were there to treat him as if he were our father. His dog was there – a small dog – like a Shih Tzu or a Beagle. EOD

I was incubating the above dream for World Peace Bridge’s monthly group dreaming (DaFuMu) December 15, 2013; and Bob Van de Castle passed January 29, 2014. The significance of Laurel in this dream relates to Susanne van Doorn’s “Mutual Dreaming Challenge” from last year’s PDC as she was partnered with Bob in this experiment.


Gold Hijacked

I heard the voiceover recording of Lucid Dreaming suggestions (my own voice / had it go off at 5
30 AM), and then I hear another voice say there was a hijacking of gold coins from an airport and I think that can’t be on my recording, but think I should note this because it may be important psi information. EOD

This dream is dated January 29, 2014, and Russian Internet news site Iskra (“Spark”) based in Zaporozhye, eastern Ukraine, reported on March 7, 2014 that “Ukraine’s gold reserves had been hastily airlifted to the United States from Borispol Airport east of Kiev.” Although, this alleged airlift and confiscation of Ukraine’s gold reserves by the New York Federal Reserve has not been confirmed by the Western media.


Beach Sinkhole

I am in high school the age I am now – don’t know why I am here. I run into “T” and we are in my old Nissan 200sx. We went for a drive to the beach – we are on the beach at night – my car on the sand too. It seemed more like California’s beaches. The car’s rear was to the water. It kept vacillating between being “T” and being “D.” I see the water lapping at the rear tires and worry it will be swept into the ocean and decide to move it up – meaning to where the road is, which was up a sort of sandy dune.


She (“D”) is running after the car thinking I am leaving her – it’s raining now. We were smoking cigarettes. I say, “You thought I would leave you? I am just moving the car, I was afraid it would get swept into the water.” I had parallel parked along the road’s shoulder and a bus full of tourists pulls in front of my car, parks and people exit onto the beach. I see a man running towards the shore and a big sinkhole swallows him and a few other people. Emergency vehicles pull up and begin rescuing the man by digging him out… and they were searching for the others. I am thanking Goddess for protecting us but feeling bad for those people and somewhat guilty – like did the weight of my car create the sinkhole – but I realize sinkholes are indigenous to the area that they are always digging people out of the sand here. […]

Nine days following this dream Oregon had a big sink hole. I assumed, in the dream, we were in California and Oregon is located North of this state on the west coast as well.


Wastefulness at the C’s

[…] I go outside into their backyard and I am standing on a cement slab; I can see over their wooden fence, and all the houses that were once behind them were gone – like knocked down – there was just trees, land / soil and a lake. I go inside and ask them about this, and they say, “Get out of here.” I say, “How could you not notice?” I take them outback to see and say, “I wonder if they are going to put up some other development like a mall, a high-rise, a park, or some type of highway or freeway.” An entire neighborhood of nice and fairly new houses completely demolished and cleared out. […]

The following morning I saw news reports showing a mudslide in Washington State; it wiped out a whole neighborhood – only left with a lake, trees and soil/mud.


Pranks, Toys, Volcanoes, and a Piano

[…] I thought I should bury this hair in the sand as an act of transformation since I’m near volcanoes, as a symbol of leaving behind the old me and creating a whole new life. […]

In an earlier part of the dream I liken these larger to smaller glittery egg containers to Russian dolls; and four days following this dream there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland. I have wondered if my dreaming mind chose Russia to indicate the Arctic Circle was to be the location of the eruption.


Who’s Pinkeye?

Recall something about someone having pinkeye. EOD

About three weeks later my great nephew had really bad pinkeye.